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Refill Program

Tvål is excited to announce we've launched our Refill Program! Environmental due diligence and conscious consumerism has always been a large part of who we are. We are always trying to identify ways that we can become a more eco-conscious business.

Tvål's products are made with natural ingredients, meaning when our products are washed down the drain they are low impact to the environment. So, we decided that we want to do the same with the packaging our products are offered in. We are transitioning away from single-use bottles and containers and pivoting towards reusable ones! As we order new packaging, we're ordering eco-conscious alternatives.

To enable our customers to reuse existing bottles, containers etc. -- including the ones they've purchased in the past, they can come to Tvål and purchase a refill of their favourite clean beauty, natural bath and body products! 

How does it work?

Bring in your empty, washed and sanitized packaging to the shop! If your bottle has a different product in it or it is still wet it can disrupt the performance level of the product we make, as well as cause a bacteria build up.

Our team will weigh your packaging before and after we refill it, and let you know the price! 

Availability & Pricing:

All products are unscented (We are happy to scent them for you!)
All pricing is per 100g

Liquid Soap/Shower Gel: $4
Foaming Liquid Soap: $4
Shampoo: $7
Conditioner: $7
Bubble Bath: $4
Body Lotion (Skin Smoothie): $6.50
Powdered Laundry Detergent: $2.50

Glass Mason Jar: $2
Aluminum Pump: $5

Refill Program Policy

Sales will be charged by the exact weight of the product sold. Once our team has started to pour the product, the product becomes final sale.