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About Us & Our Philosophy

 A Brief History:

Tvål was started in 2003 by Dr. Anna Hellqvist and her partner, Dr. Jason Bailey. Both Hellqvist and Bailey had achieved PhD's in biology. Anna also had a Chemistry degree and an Esthetician's licence, plus many years of 'obsessive' soap making, and cosmetic product developmnet under her belt. 

Waaay before Tval was ever created, Anna actually started on her path when she was just a child, making products with her Grandmother in Sweden. The birth of Tval was inevitable. Anna (a native Swede) met Jason (a native Newfoundlander, from Trinity Bay) in Sweden while they were both working on their respective degrees. When they were finished with their studies, the pair moved to St. John's, Newfoundland. Anna's lifetime dream came true when she opened up her little shop downtown, on Duckworth Street, with Jason, who was also working as a professor at the University, and as a Marine Biologist conducting research.

When the customers came into Anna's shop, and they tried out her beautiful formulations, the universal response was...amazement. It was more than Anna could have even dreamt of. She spent the first year constantly blushing! She is so humble:) But everything was just seriously SOOO good! Back then, handmade products were not as widely available as they are now, and customers could hardly believe that such quality and beauty could be achieved, all by hand! It was 'gourmet' quality, by any standard. Tval's growth in the first 6 years was astounding, with business doubling and tripling each year. Even now, with so many other brands on the market (we even have copycats and we are so humbled and flattered by this!), Tval's products still stand out. They work. They are simple and affordable and they actually work.

So many of our original customers (thank you!!) who started buying Tval back in 2003 are still very loyal to us, and we don't take that for granted for one second! It is the best reward we could ever hope for. They love us, and they love our products, and we truely love them back! We are a 'humble' company, in a way, but we love to be loved. And who doesn't?

Joining Forces:

In 2005 Jason and Anna partnered with Jason's brother, Robert Bailey, who's background included a 14 year stint as a makeup artist and business manager for a very popular and successful makeup company. Robert has advanced business and marketing experience and training, and wonderful, enlightened creativity in everything that he does! When he first visited the shop, he was so beyond impressed and amazed by what Anna had created, he instantly decided he just had to be a part of it. He had moved from Newfoundland to Toronto when he was just 18 years old, but he quit his job shortly after that first visit, and he moved back to St. John's to be a part of Anna and Jason's wonderful Tval.


Now Tval is almost 15 years old! We have raised a teenager! And our talented and happy team (Anna, Jason, Bobby, Lauren, Lesley, Nicole, Sarah, and Wendy) still love what we do, and we do it with an ever-growing passion! We especially love and adore our customers, and we have tons of fun every day at Tval!! 

Drop into our shop, or call us or email us for anything you want to know. Join in on all the fun!

Our Philosophy
(under construction-more coming soon!)
We believe that people want honesty and simplicity with skin care. Our products are made with care in small batches. We develop and make every product ourselves.We make truly high quality, natural products that work! We don't try to sell you on a complicated skin care process, and we don't make false claims. Our products sell themselves. Once you use them, you will see. Remember...Life is too short to use bad soap! 
About Smink Mineral Makeup
It has taken us a long time to develop our 'Smink' (Swedish word for 'makeup') Mineral Makeup brand, and many formulas had been developed, tested and discarded! (Don't worry,  it was all completely natural, non-toxic and biodegradable.) Those formulas were all very good, but that was not good enough. Smink Mineral makeup has so many advantages: we don't and will never use cheap 'fillers', synthetics, or preservatives, It can safely be used on even the most sensitive skins (it is actually even beneficial for your skin, as it protects, and provides minerals to the epidermis). Many brands lack when it comes to application and wearability, and that is what, we felt, must be perfect. As a makeup artist, Bobby felt that the application and blendability had to be smooth and the 'pay off' (intensity) of the colors had to be excellent. The perfect formulations were achieved when they combined thier heads, as they say! Anna's advanced scientific knowledge, and her years of experience with handmade cosmetics (not to mention her avid makeup consumer 'savvy'-she's an addict) and Bobby's artistic and creative vision, and attention to detail has led to an amazing, quality brand that we are very proud of! We are just thrilled with Smink, and we hope that you will be too!