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Customer Reward Points

Welcome, to all loyal 'Tvalies', and welcome to all new Customers too! points allow you to bank a generous 10% of your Tval purchases, to use towards future Tval stuff! To start collecting Rewards Points in our new shop, you simply need to create a new account. As a welcome, you will be rewarded right away with 50 points, which is worth $5! You can redeem points towards future purchases, in multiples of $10, $20, $30, $40 and $50, depending on how long you want to accumulate them:D

Here's how Tval's points system works:

We will reward you with one point for every dollar spent.

Once you have accumulated 100 points, you can use them for a great discount! 100 points is good for 10 dollars off! 200 is 20 dollars off, 300 is 30 dollars off, etc. Isn't that just fantastic? It's how we roll:)

Contact us if you need more information. Happy Shopping!

*Vicinity Rewards: At our shop, we have another rewards system with the exact specifications, called 'Vicinity'. Unfortunately, there is no way to integrate the two interfaces now, but we have plans to do exactly that in the near future. For now, we can easily swap points between the two systems, for any reason you may desire. Just ask, and we will comply!

*Note: If you had an account with our old online shop platform, you probably used our Customer Reward Points system. Don't worry, we have saved everyone's points, so they are not lost. We will add these saved points to your new customer account when you create one. Just shoot us an email and we will look after you:)