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Eyeshadow/Concelaer Brush

Eyeshadow/Concelaer Brush

  • $1000

Our eco-friendly eyeshadow/concealer brush is great for application precision and for a high 'payoff' of color deposit. The bristle is a made of a very soft Taklon, the Ferrule is Aluminum, and the handle is Bamboo. The bristle is packed fairly dense, so the brush will deposit more product than a softer brush would. This product is great for emolient-based products like cream concealers or lipstick, and it's also great for dry powder applications in areas where you want a higher payoff of color (like all over the eyelid, or for highlighting your brow bone, for examples). The sharp edge can even be used for very precise applications, such as a 'smudged' eyeliner look, or for lining your lips. Always go with your own personal preferences when it comes to brushes: use whichever one is most comfortable for you, and whichever one works best for you! Experiment:)

Measurements: 6.25 inch (158.8 mm)

Cleaning your make-up brushes:

For a quick, 'in-between' clean, use Smink Brush Cleanser, or another gentle cleanser. Spray cleanser onto a paper towel or cloth, wipe the brush back and forth, and swish it around a bit until all (or most) of the color is cleansed from the brush. Repeat if desired. The brush will dry in a few minutes, so you can use it again.

For very thorough cleansing and conditioning, use our amazing Smink Brush Soap. (*Tip: when your brushes are wet, always hold them with the bristles facing down, so that water does not migrate into the ferrule (metal part) where the hair is glued on.) Rinse your brush under water, then swish it around a bit in the jar of soap. Then gently lather in the your hand, by swishing around your brush and using your fingers to get in deep. Be gentle! Don't press too hard or 'scrub'. Don't worry, our brush soap is amazing, all the rich oils in the soap will remove everything, very effectively! Now, rinse the soap from the brush, until the water runs clear. Repeat this first step if necessary, for example if your brush was used for lip gloss, or with waterproof products. It's usually not necessary but sometimes a second lather doesn't hurt:) Next, squeeze out excess water from your brush, while continuig to hold it 'bristle down'. Shape the brush with your fingers, and lay it flat to dry on a towel overnight. In the morning, your brushes should be dry and clean. With dense brushes, such as our Kabuki, more drying time may be needed.

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