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Tub o'licious - Candy Hearts

Tub o'licious - Candy Hearts

  • $450

Candy Hearts Tub o'licious perfectly captures the mouthwatering sweetness of delicious tart candies! A fun scent that just makes you feel happy!
Candy Hearts Tub o'licious is probably the most luxurious, decadent bath you will ever have....moisturising cocoa butter, soothing oats, nourishing soy milk...and it foams too! Just drop one bag in your tub while you run the water. Squish it a bit to release all the goodness that's inside and jump in with it. While you're in the bath, use the bag to gently polish your skin and reveal soft, smooth and gently fragrant skin. You can also use the Tub o'licious in the shower: just soften it in the water, squish it a bit and use as a wash cloth.

Ingredients: Oats, soy milk powder, cocoa butter, sodium cocoyl isethionate, polo wax,  fragrance.

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