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Bubble Bath Bomb - Clean (unscented)

Bubble Bath Bomb - Clean (unscented)

  • $700

Besides our ever-popular and addictive Bath Treats, we now offer Bath Bombs too! What's the difference? Bath Treats contain generous amounts of Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, and they also contain a 'baby' gentle soap, derived from (more) Coconut Oil, so they provide significant moisture to your skin, and create a very 'milky' bath. A treat? Yes, they really are!! 

When we decided to offer Bath Bombs, we wanted to put our own twist on them too! Besides the fun, light fragrant fizziness, we have added a very gentle, biodegradable soap to them too! That's why we call them Bubble Bath Bombs:) So, if you throw one in your bath while the water is still running, you get lots of wonderful bubbles! The soap is so gentle that to too will soften your skin, even though the Bubble Bath Bombs don't contain the oils and butters that the Bath Treats do.

We hope you love our new Bubble Bath Bombs, we had so much fun creating them! Buy them at $7 each, or 3 for $18!

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